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7 Garage Storage Trends for 2020

7 Garage Storage Trends for 2020


The garage is frequently a forgotten realm of the home. It's often relegated to becoming the dumping ground for items you don't want to be on display in the primary areas of your home. In fact, almost one in four Americans say their garage is too cluttered to fit their car.  


But as individuals are starting to uncover the health benefits of decluttering, getting the garage organized has suddenly jumped up the priority list. With that in mind, what are the upcoming trends in garage storage this year? How will product innovation change the garage storage game in 2020 and beyond?


  1. Mobile Storage 


Garages are becoming more flexible than ever before. Some have been converted into gyms, while others serve as games rooms or part-time home movie theaters. For one space to cater to so many distinct purposes, it's no surprise that 2020 expects to usher in a new era of mobile storage solutions.


Although not a new product category, mobile and wheeled storage solutions will take on a more prominent role for those with flexible garage arrangements. By rolling tools and other similar heavy storage items across the garage (or to a temporary new location), homeowners can free up floor space for alternate and short-term arrangements for special occasions.


Not only does this remove the hassle of trying to lift potentially heavy items each time you want to work out or watch a movie, but it also facilities the multi-use strategy that so many proprietors are applying to their garages of late.


  1. Garage Cabinet Combination


Part of the continuing trend of beautifying garages, large combination units are becoming all the rage. Firstly, these multi-purpose look great, and wouldn't look out of place in most kitchens. Available in a range of colors, these large garage cabinet combinations can set your garage off, making your space the envy of your neighbors.


What's more, they really come into their own when it comes to performing those all-important weekend DIY projects, with stainless steel countertops and all your tools stored within arm's length. They form part of the growing trend to "kitchenify" garages, elevating them out of the shadows and into the spotlight of many homes.


  1. Easy-Open Latches and Soft-Close Hinges


Another trend straight out of the kitchen playbook is easy-open latches and soft-closing hinges on garage cabinet doors. Just as they are in the kitchen, these mechanisms help to preserve the life of your garage storage solutions by preventing the slamming of cabinet doors.


Single-latch drawer systems allow you to effortlessly lift anywhere along the handle to open them with as little as one finger. Homeowners will soon forget they're in the garage with such smooth and sleek storage solutions!


  1. Overhead/Suspended Storage Solutions


Garage ceiling space is one of the most under-utilized areas for storing items. In many cases, storage solutions can be fitted to the ceiling of a garage without impeding the parking of a car. For those who prefer to park their vehicle outside of the garage, there's also the potential to stack overhead storage boxes on top of each other.


The same can be said of suspended storage solutions that provide the advantage of taking up very little wall space. You can even make use of the upper wall space, which is often left bare by installing a row of suspended storage options.


  1. Home Charging Station Storage


As the number of owners of electric vehicles continues to accelerate, so does the number of home based charging stations. While installation of these home-charging points is taken care of by professional teams, their appearance leaves a lot to be desired. Storing them in a neat garage cabinet presents the best solution for a couple of reasons.


Firstly, as mentioned, if you've spent time over the look and feel of your well-organized garage, the charging point might have a detrimental impact on the aesthetic you were aiming for when you reimagined your space. In many cases, they often aren't the most pretty of objects to add to your garage space.  


Secondly, most installation options simply leave the charging cord wrapped around a central focal point. By tucking that away out of sight in a cabinet, not only are you getting rid of an eyesore, but your increasing safety by lowering the risk of children playing with a cord potentially carrying hundreds of volts.


  1. Maximized Corner Space with Swivel Storage


Corners of garages have long been the bugbear of homeowners looking to maximize their garage storage options. But with swivel-based solutions, homeowners can finally optimize every inch of their floor space.


Swivel corner units can cram a deceiving amount of items into them by using the right angle (90°) to their advantage. Whole sets of tools, accessories, and knick-knacks are no match for yet another innovation borrowed from other areas of home storage.


  1. Built-In Tool Charging Stations 


First appearing at the back end of last year, tool storage solutions with built-in outlets are quickly proliferating across the industry. The phenomenon is hardly surprising considering not only do these solutions provide handy storage for your power tools, but they also guarantee that when you return, they'll be fully charged and ready to go.


These solutions are perfect for workers who use tools as part of their job. However, the potential drawback is the unnecessary electricity consumption if you don't own power tools that auto-shutdown after reaching full charge.


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